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Collateral Loans in Langley and the Surrounding Areas

We, at Key Largo Jewellery & Loans, understand that an immediate need for money can fall on you at any time, whether it's a rare investment opportunity or a large down payment. In these scenarios, going through a long borrowing process at the bank is not ideal. For this reason, we provide reasonably priced collateral loans in Langley and the surrounding areas. We understand the need for efficiency, which is why we follow a no-frills approach. You can leave a valuable item with us when you borrow the money and get it back once you make the repayment. Our rates are 15% a month plus a $5  administration fee. If you're back within the first seven days, it's only 10% plus the $5 administration fee.

To know more, please get in touch with us.

How Do I Get a Loan?

At Key Largo Jewellery & Loans, we understand the need for swiftness when you come to us for a loan. For this reason, we follow a straightforward approach when it comes to our process. To put it simply, you leave a valuable item with us when we loan you the money. We return the item to you once you make the full repayment. We price our loans according to the value of your item. Our team has the expertise to conduct a detailed assessment of your item, regardless of what it is. We accept several types of possessions for collateral loans, including:


Coins and collectable bills
Musical instruments

While bringing your items to us, please ensure that they are in suitable condition and don't have any missing accessories. When you come to us, please don't forget to bring a valid government identity proof. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us to speak to our team.


How Much Can I Get?

The size of your loan depends entirely on the item that you get us. We can provide you with an amount that meets the value of the said item. For this reason, we conduct a thorough inspection of your possession. While performing our investigation, we base the value on different markers for various things such as:


We measure the weight and purity.


We measure the weight.


We measure the weight


We assess the carat, colour and general quality.

Other gemstones

We inspect the condition.

Other items

For all other items such as electronics, we will take into account:


Resale price

We guarantee complete transparency when carrying out our assessment of your item. Both the minimum and maximum periods of repayment are 61 days. Similarly, both the minimum and maximum APR are 15%, plus a $5 administrative fee. Two examples of loans are:


$200 loan with a Minimum Period of Repayment of 7 Days or less ($200 * 10% APR) + $5 fee = $225
$200 loan with a Minimum Period of Repayment of 30 Days ($200 * 15%APR) + $5 fee = $245

How Long Do I Have?

Key Largo Jewellery & Loans understands that anyone can experience an urgent need for cash. When this happens, you should have someone you can depend on. We provide reliable collateral loans at low-interest rates. Once we have conducted an inspection of your possession and are satisfied with its value, we are happy to loan you an amount that matches the item. We give you a reasonable period of 61 days for you to pay us back. Not only that, but we offer seven-day half-rate loans. If you have any questions regarding our collateral loan process, please call us at 604-534-8845.


Are My Items Safe?

At Key Largo Jewellery & Loans, we have several years of experience in dealing with valuables. We understand the requirement for security when it comes to handling the item that you leave with us. We treat your possessions like our own and guard them with close attention. As a business dealing with valuables, we have all the necessary security systems in place. If you have any questions regarding our security policy, please call us at 604-534-8845 to speak to our team.


Cash for Your Gold

Sell your gold and get the right price for it with us.

Trusted Pawn Services

Key Largo Jewellery & Loans has been providing dependable pawn services for over 3 decades.

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